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Jeducare Innovative is organized exclusively to provide a full range of innovative social and human services to children, adults, and families in varieties of settings, including, but not limited to providing social and/or human services to children and adults in the community. The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, receiving and making of distributions to organizations, including programs and services run by this organization, that qualify as exempt under section 503(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any federal tax code.

The organization also provides leadership training, and mentoring of children, adults, and their families, and provide scholarships to qualified, very brilliant children from low-income families. The organization also provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities in the communities in the United States and in West Africa. Jeducare Innovative shall purchase, lease, and otherwise acquire, hold, mortgage, and dispose of all kinds of properties including real, personal, and mixed, both in the United States and in West Africa. This organization will engage in any lawful act or activities for which it is registered under the General Corporation Law of Maryland. Jeducare Innovative shall solicit financial contributions from private and public agencies to enable it to achieve the purposes enumerated above.

Vision and Mission

Jeducare Innovative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2019 by a professional educator, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. The organization was spearheaded by a vision the founder had in reaching out to economically disadvantaged persons and developmentally challenged men, women, youth, veterans, and persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in United States of America and countries in West Africa in order to strengthen and empower them. This is achieved by providing mentoring, leadership training, entrepreneurship training, tutoring, and scholarships opportunities, which will enhance their self-esteem, help them realize their potential, and become whole – mind, body, and soul. Jeducare Innovative will also financially support widows. They must first realize that anything in life is attainable when they first believe in themselves, and receive guidance and support. We are committed to servicing their needs so they become assets to their communities.


The Management shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its board of directors. Any member having voting rights may inspect all books and records; it’s agent or attorney. The board of directors, any appointed officers, and assigned employees will be responsible for the management and operations of the organization. All voting rights are specified in the by-laws.

The dissolution of the Management shall be authorized at a meeting of the board of directors upon the adoption of a resolution to dissolve by the vote of majority of the directors in attendance. Upon adoption of such resolution, the Management shall cease to conduct its affairs, except insofar as may be necessary for the winding up thereof, shall immediately cause a notice of the proposed dissolution to be mailed to each known creditor of the Management, and shall proceed to collect its assets and apply and distribute them as provided in the General Corporation Law of Maryland. The daily operations of the organization includes:

Target Population

Jeducare Innovative Inc’s target population is men, women, youth, veterans, and persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in North America (USA and Canada) and West Africa. We are dedicated to assisting the needs of this group to promote empowerment and thereby improve their quality of life.



In order to chart the flow of our services and track our progress, success will be measured through the following methods:

Information Collection and Performance Measures

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